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How should I prepare for my first Bowen treatment?

Just come with comfortable clothing & well hydrated. 

Come with an open heart & mind ready to receive healing.

What should I expect from my session?

After a few minutes of chatting about why you are here and where is the issue, you will lay down on the table, I will do a quick assessment then start the Bowen treatment. 

For Reiki, I will be working on your energy body with limited touch.

For Holistic Facelift Massage, please come with a clean face & no make up on (this face massage is not compatible with fillers or botox).

How long is a session?

Generally 1 hour. 1h30 for a Face Sculpting Massage.

How many Bowen sessions will I need?

It is recommended to have 3 Bowen sessions one week apart. Sometimes, the issue is resolved after one session, sometimes, you will need more. Energy sessions 

Does the Face Sculpting Massage hurt?

It can be intense especially the first session. It can hurt especially on the neck and jaw depending on the issue.

What should I do after a Bowen treatment?

Drink a lot more water than usual. Avoid hot showers or spas as it will diminish the effects of the treatment. Take it easy.

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