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Who am I & What I Do

I am a solo mum of two. I am French but have called NZ home for the last 20 years.


I am trained in Bowen Therapy, Fascial Kinetics. I am also a Reiki Energy healing Master/Teacher, a practitioner of Access Consciousness Bars and also a Face massage/Face Sculpting Massage therapist (trained in the Face Up ™️ Method including Buccal massage).

Bowen therapy is a very gentle way to heal those aches & pains holistically by manipulating the soft tissue (fascia) of the body. It consists of sequences of small moves at varying pressures, each at specific site on the body. It uses light, cross-fibre manoeuvres of muscles, tendon or ligament with no forceful manipulation.  It is a safe, non invasive technique that is applied through light clothing and that benefits adults, teenagers & children. Bowen also works really well on animals. I have treated dogs and had amazing results.


By stimulating the fascia between the muscles, tendons, ligaments & the skin, each move sends an electrical signal to the brain which then sends the signal to the body to heal itself. It uses precise and gentle rolling hand movements. The aim is to rehydrate the body network for maximal function, pain relief & relaxation.


A few conditions Bowen therapy can help :


Back pain, lower back pain, sciatica

Pelvic misalignment


Headaches, migraines

Frozen shoulder

Stress, tension & anxiety

Neck restrictions

Sinus congestion

Strains, sprains, sports injuries


Digestive condition

General body maintenance


Wear comfortable clothing.


I am also a Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars practitioner. This works at an energetic level restoring the energy flow within the body. It involves the transfer of Universal energy from my hands to you. It balances the chakra system and leaves you feeling energised & relaxed. What if you could release the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions that stop you from creating the life you love? What if you could unlock more love & more acceptance for yourself? What if you could quieten the inner critic & self judgment? Open yourself to new possibilities...

I also offer a Holistic Face Sculpting Massage (Face Up ™️). This type of massage detoxes & brightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, increases the blood flow, drains the lymphatic fluid, alleviates muscle tension around the face, scalp, jaw, neck & shoulders, soothes the nervous system, sculpts the cheekbones, lifts the face, chin & neck, gives a healthy glow, defines your features, lifts your mood & energy, relaxes and nurtures YOU! The aim is to keep young looking naturally, just by stimulating the blood flow into the muscles of the face & neck. It can be intense depending on how tense you are and how much lymphatic fluid is stuck. I also provide buccal release (intra mouth) if you need extra release especially for tight jaw muscle or TMJ. During the massage, I work with Energy as well. The energies used lift & rejuvenate the whole body. This process allows you to maintain your face & neck lifted without having the need for injections. 

In my spare time, I create jewelry from genuine crystals and carefully sourced materials that I bless with Reiki Energy.

It is through my own healing journey that I have developed a real passion for healing others. And it is through Bowen Therapy, Energy Healing, Face Massage & Crystal Jewelry making that I spread my light to the world. I believe that we are here on Earth at this time to heal ourselves and this is my way of showing up and serve to the best of my abilities. The only person who can heal you is YOU & I would be honoured to facilitate the process. Remember, every step we take to heal ourselves is another step towards healing the planet.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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