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I feel so much lighter and how I used to feel like when I was much younger. Didn't know what I was holding onto, I do know that it's gone. I'm very keen to come again xx


Melly Rose

This treatment left me in a calm space. The stress of my daily life diminished greatly. I noticed I was able to be in the moment, something I haven't been able to do in a long time.


Most impressed, for the first time in a very long time, I was able to walk downstairs normally, thank you


I am really good. That was a serious shift and I feel incredible. I have been meditating everyday since I saw you because I want to keep expanding on this feeling. You are seriously the best, I have never felt anything like that before. Thank you!


Part of my professional background involves studies and practices of various modalities within the field of human potential, healing, consciousness and noetic science.

I have studied with leading experts in their field, such as William Buhlman (Monroe Institute), Dr Steven Greer (CSETI) and many others.

Subsequently I have met and know many practitioners within these contexts. I and am very discerning with whom I work with and choose to have healing sessions with.

Recently I had a session with Noelle and then followed up with another session a couple of months later.

In both cases Noelle created a very comfortable and relaxed space to work within. She has a warm nature together with a genuine kindness and love for people. This is very clear in her practice.

What impressed me about her was her ability to accurately intuit images and feelings that were personal to me and communicate them with gentleness and clarity.

She did this in both sessions and provided a focus for growth and healing, without being instructive.

I thoroughly recommend her energy sessions and will be working with her more in the near future.

Jeremy Cloake

I Have been lucky enough to have many Bowen and Reiki sessions with Noelle and each time I drop down so deeply that my body finally falls into the relaxation that allows true healing to take place. She has helped me with a longstanding lower back and hip problem and also a neck injury and has enhanced the Bowen with powerful Reiki. As a healer myself I'm quite picky with who I work with but I can't recommend Noelle highly enough.

Rock in Sand

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