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Hi! I’m Noelle. Originally from France, I have made NZ my home for the last 20 years. I am a Bowen therapist & a Reiki Master/Teacher, a practitioner of Access Energy Consciousness. I am also trained in Face Sculpting Massages (Face Up ™️). I am the mum of two beautiful souls, Benjamin & Lea. I am passionate about healing oneself and others as I believe our body is our temple. What I like the most about Bowen therapy is that it is a gentle yet very effective technique. It triggers the body into healing itself and can have profound physical & emotional results. It is a comprehensive modality that treats the body, the mind & the soul. Energy is all around us and within us. We have forgotten that we can use it to heal ourselves and let go of what doesn't serve us anymore. The goal being to come back to who we really are without ego, filter, defence mechanisms, judgement. It is about honouring ourselves & doing the work to finally reach a point of neutrality & freedom to create the life we so desire and become the beings we so long to be. I am also passionate about crystals and their ability to heal & protect.

It is through my own healing journey that I have developed a real passion for healing others. It is through Bowen Therapy, Energy work, Face Massage & crystal jewelry making that I spread my light to the world. I believe that we are here on Earth at this time to heal ourselves and this is my way of showing up and be a guide for you, to the best of my abilities.

I am looking forward to meeting soon!


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Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand


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